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Meet the Team - Katherina Unveiling the Wonders of Lisbon

A Tuk Tuk Journey through Culinary Delights, Panoramic Views, and Hidden Cultural Treasures

Lisbon is on Tour team - Katherina

Welcome back to our "Meet our Team" series at Lisbon is on Tour!

This time, we're thrilled to introduce you to Katherina, one of our dynamic drivers who brings a unique perspective to exploring the magical city of Lisbon.

Join us as we uncover Katherina's favorite spots, cherished advice, and the delightful moments she's experienced while behind the wheel of our iconic tuk tuks.

Favorite Restaurant: Katherina's culinary delights span from the artistic vibe of Matchamama in LX Factory to the savory pleasures of Carnal and Marcelino in Costa da Caparica. These diverse choices showcase Lisbon's gastronomic spectrum.

Preferred Viewpoints: For panoramic views that take your breath away, Katherina recommends Nossa Senhora do Monte and Miradouro do Elevador de Santa Justa. These vantage points provide a stunning canvas of Lisbon's picturesque landscape.

Favorite Neighborhood: Katherina finds charm and history in the winding streets of Alfama and the vibrant atmosphere of Chiado. These contrasting neighborhoods offer a glimpse into Lisbon's past and present, showcasing its cultural richness.

Go-To Bar/Club: When the sun sets, Katherina heads to the sophisticated Sky Bar and the iconic Lux. These hotspots promise memorable nights, with skyline views and pulsating beats that define Lisbon's nightlife.

We had Katherina as our driver and guide for the afternoon, her knowledge of the history of Lisbon knew no bounds, she brought us to all of the Historical sites and to some amazing viewing points that overlook the city. Thank you Katherina for the wonderful experience you gave us, Michael and Margaret (Ireland)

Ideal Sunny Day Outing: To soak up the sun, Katherina's go-to spot is the stunning Costa da Caparica beach. Just a short drive from Lisbon, this sandy haven invites relaxation and offers a perfect escape from the city bustle.

Favorite Museum/Gallery/Monument: Katherina's cultural journey leads us to the Carmo Archaeological Museum, Teatro Romano, Galerias Romanas, Jerónimos Monastery, and São Domingos Church. Each site narrates a chapter of Lisbon's rich history.

Beloved Lisbon/Portuguese Delicacy: Indulging in Portugal's sweet heritage, Katherina's favorite treat is the iconic pastel de nata. A crispy, custard-filled delight that encapsulates the essence of Portuguese pastry.

Diverse Tour Experiences: Katherina's tuk tuk adventures have been a true melting pot of cultures, with over 40 nationalities having shared the joy of discovering the many wonders of Lisbon through her guided tours. A testament to the city's universal appeal.

Advice for Lisbon Visitors: Katherina's valuable advice for visitors is to embark on a tuk tuk tour, exploring the city's miradouros and hidden gems nestled atop the seven hills of Lisbon. A unique and delightful way to uncover the wonders of the city.

Katherina’s ora, vibe was amazing. Katerina’s wealth of knowledge, experience of historical sites and viewpoints were second to none, Jacob Foamouris

Lisbon is on Tour team - Katherina

As we wrap up our journey with Katherina, we're reminded that each tuk tuk driver at Lisbon is on Tour adds a distinctive flavor to the city's narrative. Stay tuned for more stories from our diverse team, as they continue to showcase the soul of Lisbon, one tuk tuk ride at a time.

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