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Group of people in front of a tuk tuk, Lisbon
Corporate and Team Building

Is your company ready to be challenged? We have green technology, the best team and efficiency guaranteed.

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Tuk Tuk out of the office

The experience we provide will certainly raise your team's performance and effectiveness levels.


The combination of our 100% electric vehicles with the spirit of mutual help from all involved, and all the surroundings of a wonderful city like Lisbon, will certainly awaken unique and lasting sensations.

Lisbon is on tour tuk tuk and Bordalo II art Mural in Lisbon
Man and a tuk tuk in front of Torre de Belém, Lisbon

Tuk Tuk Transfers

How about being a little bold and original and provide to a friend, family member or a very special person a different way of travel? In addition, you are contributing to a better environment.

Send your request or suggestions by email and we will provide​ all the information that you need.

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